WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Jewish Americans in Connecticut are getting ready to observe the Passover holiday.

The holiday comes as the Anti-Defamation League reported an alarming rise in Anti Semitism in the state.

Last month News 8 reported that the ADL found these acts of hate at the highest level ever recorded in Connecticut. But it’s also happening while anti-Semitic incidents have doubled from where they were a year ago.

“Big lesson really is especially with most of the Jewish holidays is there’s always somebody who is going to be trying to come at you and you persevere and we come back stronger,” said Avon resident Kim Boorky. 

Report: Antisemitic incidents doubled in Connecticut in 2022

All of this while antisemitic incidents in Connecticut are in line with a trend happening nationwide. 

The Anti-Defamation League told us a total of 68 antisemitic incidents were recorded in Connecticut in 2022.

“And we commit to standing up against hate and speaking out against anti-semitism, bias, and hate in all of its forms so we use this opportunity on this holiday to stand up and speak out,” said Regional Director of ADL Stacey Sobel. 

Manager at the crown market Mark Seltzer told News 8, Passover was when the Jews were escaping Egypt. 

“All the more reason to be out in public to show the world that we unite and we wanna bring love and friendship, brotherhood for all people not just Jewish people,” he said. 

It’s a busy time for the Market.

“Time to give ourselves to something higher it’s time to liberate ourselves from normality of existence and our spiritual life and kind of kick it up a notch,” said Newington resident Stewart Asbel. 

But for Seltzer this holiday isn’t just for Jewish Americans. This year Passover coincides with Easter and Ramadan. 

It’s about bridging the gap between cultures and religions so people can live together in harmony. 

“We do have a cross-section of customers it is not just Jewish people that shop here we have Catholics, we have Muslim people that shop here because of the type of meat that we sell,” he said. 

Passover 2023 starts at sundown on Wednesday, April 5th.

It ends on the evening of April 13th.