NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Street takeovers are continuing to terrorize people in communities across the state.

Over the weekend, police responded to three separate street takeover incidents in East Windsor, Bethany and Hartford.

“With the warmer weather, it seems to have really ramped up,” Connecticut State Police Sargeant Christina Jeltema said. 

Connecticut State Police call the string of recent street takeovers extremely dangerous and tough to respond to.

“We know they are only there for a short period of time so to get enough troopers or law enforcement agencies together to move in on these individuals is quite difficult,” Jeltema said.

State police are now using social media to warn drivers. This past weekend, state police sent out warnings of motorcycles on I-91 in East Windsor and rumors of a takeover at a gas station on Route 63 in Bethany.

Early Sunday morning state police were forced to close I-84 in Hartford following a tip that street racers were taking over the tunnel.

“I know the Lieutenant at Troop H hired extra troopers specifically for street takeover over the weekend, alongside our DUI patrols,” Jeltema said.

Earlier this month a large crowd surrounded a Meriden police cruiser and jumped on its hood causing more than $2,000 dollars in damage.

Last weekend, in Tolland, a woman was surrounded by dozens of vehicles while suspects kicked and jumped on her car.

Connecticut residents are now fearful of getting caught in a street takeover.

“Oh my gosh, that’s insane,” said Waterbury Resident Catlyn Huggard. “I cannot believe that. That’s really sad. I’d be intimidated. I don’t think I would stop. I would be scared to stop, to be honest.”

“Probably take a detour, I’m not going to get involved with that,” said Meriden resident Haley Case. 

If you come across a large group of people appearing to block a road, police advise you to find another route, turn around, not get out of your vehicle and to the call police.

Jeltema told News 8 the threat goes beyond passing through an illegally blocked roadway.

“The speeds that they are traveling is extremely dangerous,” Jeltema said. “If you are out and see them, if you hear them, please try to do the best that you can to get out of their way because we would hate to respond to a scene for these individuals who are acting very reckless.”

Jeltema tells us these vehicles have been caught traveling above 150 miles per hour.

On Friday, state police announced that the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) created a new website for tips on street takeovers.

All tips and information can remain anonymous.