Connecticut State Police take part in national campaign to help curb bad driving behaviors


During a sunny Sunday morning on Interstate 95, it didn’t take long to find a lead foot.

Trooper Jon Kaufman has been on the force 13 years, and he’s had some tough days.

“It’s the worst thing we have to do on this job and notifying the family, the notifying next of kin is absolutely awful. Nobody wants to report that news to a family,” Trooper Kaufman said.

He said speeding contributes to a third of all fatal accidents across the country.

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports I-95 is one of the most dangerous highways in the country.

That’s why this weekend, state police from Florida to Maine were teaming up to cut down on bad behaviors behind the wheel like using the cell phone, speeding, and drunk driving.

It’s called I-95 Drive to Save Lives.

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“To really get the word out that we’re cracking down on enforcement to do our best to ensure no fatalities happen along 95 through that stretch,” Sgt. Derry explained.

Sgt. Derry said since the beginning of the year, state police have investigated crashes where 19 people died and about 1,000 were hurt.

Trooper Kaufman was delivering a ticket on Sunday morning. He said he actually ticketed him going 80 miles an hour. He wanted to give him a little bit of a break since he didn’t have a history.

In about 20 minutes, he cited two drivers. One was going 80 MPH while another was 85 MPH along I-95 in Milford where the limit is 55 MPH.

He said if his presence or ticket can slow down traffic, it’s worth it.

“If we can cut down the speeds, people’s speeds and reckless driving, we can hopefully cut down on the fatalities and serious accidents,” Trooper Kaufman explained.

The Drive to Save Lives campaign may end on Sunday night, but troopers said this work is 24/7.

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