23 days later, State Police continue to search for possible evidence in case of Jennifer Dulos


Sunday marks 23 days since New Canaan mother Jennifer Dulos went missing. 

News 8’s George Colli was on-site at Fisher Meadows in Avon as Connecticut State Police dive teams search a pond for evidence in the case Friday afternoon. 

WEB EXTRA: Investigators search Fisher Meadows in Avon

Multiple sources confirm to News 8 that the contractor who drove Fotis Dulos’ truck the day Jennifer Dulos went missing is being treated as a witness, not a suspect. He is cooperating with police.

The same sources also say that investigators are focusing on a red truck owned by that contractor because Fotis would have had access to it in the timeframe that Jennifer went missing.

On Friday, the New Canaan Police Chief said that they are working around the clock with the Connecticut State Police Western District and Central District Major Crime Squads, Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, the Stamford/Norwalk State’s Attorney and other Connecticut law enforcement agencies to find the missing mother of five.

Monty Fitzpatrick runs the SCUBA shack, and shows us the type of gear State Police divers are using to search for Jennifer Dulos. He’s trained some of their divers and says no one is better prepared to search in the difficult conditions. 

“In the pond they’re diving in today, they might get 12 – 15 feet in depth, and the conditions are going to be very, very muddy. We call it Blackwater diving. They’re actually using their hands more than anything else and they are going to use a line to guide them around in their search so they don’t go back over the same area again and again.”

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Police say they have received over 600 tips and nearly 80 responses with video surveillance from homes or businesses regarding Dulo’s disappearance, as of Friday.

As the search for her continues, we are also  learning new information about this case, specifically about the two people who are facing charges in connection to the disappearance. Those new details certainly raise more questions in this case. 

Investigators are back at the trash facility Friday where they have been looking for two weeks, going through all the trash looking for evidence. 

The Connecticut State Police Dive Team also continued to search a body of water located on Old Farms Road in Avon. 

Jennifer’s estranged husband, Fotis Dulos, and his girlfriend, Michelle Troconis, are accused of dumping trash bags in Hartford the day she went missing.  Some of those bags contained her blood. 

Right now we don’t know if investigators have come across anything significant or when the search will be wrapped up.

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As that’s going on, we are getting new details about this case from Norm Pattis, Fotis’ defense attorney. 

WEB EXTRA: Profile on Fotis Dulos’ ‘High Profile’ Attorney, Norm Pattis

First, we now know that an employee was driving Fotis’ truck the day Jennifer went missing and was at a construction site in New Canaan

But it’s important to point out that employee has not been named a suspect in this case and his attorney, Lindy Urso, tells us his client is “looking forward to moving on with his life post- Fotis Dulos.”

Pattis has also said that the morning Jennifer went missing, Fotis was on an international call with someone in Greece. He also confirmed in an interview Thursday with WPLR that person was expected to arrive in the U.S. Thursday. 

On Wednesday, police were at a water skiing pond in Avon, looking for any evidence. 

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“Every search of a place that is associated with Mr. Dulos that does not yield a body is yet more evidence exonerating him because he couldn’t be everywhere in the world that day he went missing,” said Pattis. 

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Pattis also went on to sat that Michelle Troconis satisfied a police polygraph test and did provide an alibi. 

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At the center of it all you have five children who still don’t know where there mother is after 21 days of waiting. 


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