WARNING: Graphic content may be seen/heard during testimony. Viewer discretion is advised.

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WATERBURY, Conn. (WTNH) – Wednesday marks the second day of the Connecticut trial of Alex Jones, the conspiracy theorist who claimed the tragedy at Sandy Hook Elementary School was a hoax.

Jones was not at the courthouse on Tuesday, but the jury heard emotional testimony from a law enforcement officer who was among the first to respond to the school shooting.

The trial’s first day began with harsh words thrown at Jones and his attorneys. The proceedings only became more emotional as the day went on.

In the morning, the judge sanctioned Jones and his lawyer for failing to overturn evidence to the Sandy Hook families. That evidence, involving Google Analytics data, is believed to be able to shed light on how much money Jones made by spreading lies about the deadly school shooting.

Jones said on his show, Infowars, that the grieving families of the shooting were actually hired actors paid by the government in a plot to take away Americans’ guns. Many of his viewers believed this wholeheartedly, which led to years of harassment and threats against the families.

One lawyer for the families asked the jury to imagine what that was like.

“There’s a whole army set loose by Alex Jones believing you’re a fraud, you’re an actor, said Chris Mattei, an attorney representing the families. “That the child you spent so much of your life raising, never existed at all,”

Jones’ attorney argued that his client has a right to talk about conspiracy theories on his show and that the families were overstating the harm Jones caused them.

The families of eight victims are involved in this suit, plus s FBI agent who responded to the scene of the 2012 shooting.