8 things to know before buying a Christmas tree

WTNH Staff - (WTNH) -- It will be a great weekend to get out and do anything -- and buying a Christmas tree is certainly a part of that for many. Before you go out to the farm and load the tree into your car, truck, or SUV -- here are eight things you need to know.

1. Make sure to get a fresh cut on the tree.

2. Get it into water as quickly as possible. That will help keep the tree fresher.

3. After you get the tree in the water, Check the level daily to make sure the tree is actually submerged.

4. Once the tree is up, keep it away from sources of heat. That's things like fireplaces and even direct sunlight.

5. Use lights that produce low heat -- we'll recommend miniature lights -- that will make the tree last longer.

6. Keep an eye on the tree to make sure it's fresh.

7. After Christmas, or when the tree gets dry, get it out of the house.

8. When it's time for that tree to go -- recycle it. Many local communities have recycling programs.

Good luck this weekend, and Happy Holidays!

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