80% of UConn positive tests are asymptomatic


(WTNH) — As UConn students were getting their test results back and getting ready to head home for the Thanksgiving holiday, an alarming COVID-19 statistic is coming from the campus.

With all of the exit testing that UConn has been doing for their students as they return home for the break, they found about 80 percent of the college students who tested positive were asymptomatic, meaning they did not have any symptoms. They would not have even known they had it, except they reported for testing because they were headed home.

“I do worry about bringing it back to my family, my mom has asthma so it would be pretty bad for her to get it,” Collbey Hoffman, Sophomore.

UConn has been requiring exit testing to students even before the governor mandated it. On Wednesday, 56 students tested positive. 46 of them had no symptoms at all. That’s more than 80 percent of the tests.

“We have been testing at a rate of about 500 tests a day throughout the semester it is not uncommon and in fact, we always find students who are positive and they don’t know what, because they feel fine,” Eleanor Daugherty, Dean of Students.

And that’s why UConn tested all 7,000 students and made them wait for their results before they could head home for the holiday.

“Asymptomatic people do worry me because if people don’t think they have it they will act like they don’t have it and they probably should be a little more careful,” Matt Correia, Sophomore.

“I did like how they did the exit testing it was a nice reassurance that I’m not going to bring it back to my family,” Rahul Bhagwani, Sophomore.

So not only did UConn do the extra testing, but they also put the entire campus under quarantine for the last week. That way, the student can go home healthy.

“On a daily basis, I would say 99% of the kids are following the rules. I mean, if you know somebody who is not you choose not to hang out with them so you can kind of like control your bubble,” Matt says.

Doctors say COVID-positive people without symptoms still spread the virus just like sick people, which is much more dangerous because they are out in public and not in quarantine.

“It is a lesson to the state of Connecticut and to our country that it is not unusual for you to be feeling fine and be carrying this virus,” Daugherty says.

Some of the students said that once they do get home, they are going to stay in quarantine at their house and get tested again just to make sure. Especially if they fall into the high-risk category.

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