A Reason to Ride in Plainfield Raised $40,000 for Veterans


For the past two decades, A Reason to Ride in Plainfield, Conn. has been kicking off National Flag Week.

The motorcycle ride is not only a time to honor the stars and stripes that represent our country, but also a time to support veterans in need.  

“When vets come back, we want to give them the resources that they need to be successful and be reintegrated back in to the communities,” said the motorcycle ride’s chairman, Dan Martin.

A Reason to Ride was conceived by Martin’s father Chuck and his friend Albert “Bo” Fontaine in 1999.

“My dad owned a small bar in eastern Connecticut for almost 30 years,” Martin recalled. “They themselves didn’t even think that once they started, this was going to be sitting here as long as we are.”

The goal of the ride is to raise money to help veterans with things like housing, utility bills, medical expenses and more.

What started in a barroom in Norwich now attracts over 1,000 motorcycle enthusiasts, and raises money that directly effects 300 veterans and indirectly 2,000 every year.

“The ride itself is approximate 50 to 52-mile run all through nice, wooded roads,” said former chairman of A Reason to Ride Dan Barber. “Once you pick your feet up off the ground, you don’t put them down until you get back here to enjoy the festivities.”

Along with motorcyclists, A Reason to Ride is supported by businesses like The Haymond Law Firm.

“The Haymond Law Firm works very closely with the motorcycle community,” said attorney John Haymond. “Most of us in the office ride on two wheels so we understand the special needs and the distinction between being on two wheels and four, but most important of all, we really truly enjoy attending the events and participating and sponsoring and promoting the events on behalf of charities.”

“He’s become again a true partner in the sense of not just supporting us now, but supporting us all year round,” Martin said.

This year A Reason to Ride raised approximately $40,000 for veterans. To learn about more “2 Wheels on the Road” events happening this year, visit HaymondLaw.com.

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