AAA tips and tricks for car care month this October


(WTNH)– October is Car Care month and AAA Northeast has a few tips to keep your car running safe and smooth.

AAA Northeast spokeswoman, Fran Mayko says, “Learning how to handle common maintenance issues benefits anyone who gets behind the wheel since proper maintenance can also extend the life of your vehicle and prevent costly repairs.”

AAA recommends four easy car care practices that everyone can perform:

  1. Ensure your car battery is properly charged
  2. Check your tire wear and tire pressure regularly
  3. Inspect those windshield wipers and replace if they’re worn, cracked or rigid.
  4. Work with a local repair shop you trust for routine maintenance and repair.

Other easy tricks to prepare your car for the upcoming winter season include:

  1. Testing your battery and charging system if the car battery is more than three years old.
  2. Making sure your coolant contains a 50/50 solution of coolant and water that protects your engine at temperatures of -34 degrees or colder.
  3. Double checking the hoses in your car aren’t cracked or brittle and check that the clamps aren’t loose.
  4. Making sure your washer fluid has components of antifreeze, which protects against below freezing temperatures. And on especially icy mornings make sure the washer fluid reservoir is filled. (If you don’t wish to purchase winter tires for your car, remember that all season tires only work best in light-to-moderate snow conditions.)
  5. Checking tires for uneven wear or cupping on tires, which can lead to alignment, balance and suspensions problems further down the line.
  6. Replacing windshield wiper blades that leave streaks or miss spots on your windshield. (A winter alternative for your wipers are winter blades, which protect the blades against snow an ice buildup.)
  7. Making sure to change your oil according to your manufacturers recommendations. Remember to also double check your transmission fluid while you’re at it.

AAA wants all motorists to be safe during the winter season and practicing the above tips can help keep the cold out and your car cruising.

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