(WTNH) – A Texas jury is back with a verdict in the Alex Jones case.

Sandy Hook families were asking for $150 million in compensation after the talk show host claimed for years that the shooting never even happened. The jury returned with what may sound like a low number of $4 million, but legal experts said that is just the beginning of what Jones will owe.

This is because not only is there another part of the trial to come, but also another trial underway in Waterbury.

These trials are not to determine if Jones lied about the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary. The world heard his claims for years that the shooting was a hoax, designed to get the government to strengthen gun laws. He also claimed that the parents of 6-year-old victim Jesse Lewis were crisis actors.

The Texas jury came back with their first decision on Thursday, and that is compensatory damages of a little over $4 million.

That is a lot less than the $150 million named in the suit, but it is only how much the jury thinks the family was harmed. Next, come the punitive damages. That is the amount it will take to punish Jones for what he did all those years.

Jesse’s father, Neil Heslin, told the jury about his suffering and his lawyer explained what will happen next.

“I can’t even describe the last nine and a half years, the living hell that I and others have had to endure,” said Heslin.

“Now the jury will have to go back and consider Mr. Jones’ net worth to decide what amount of additional money will be needed to punish him,” added Mark Bankston, Heslin and Scarlett Lewis’ lawyer.

In an emotional case like this, the punitive damages can be much more than the compensatory.

Jones has now admitted he was wrong and Sandy Hook was not a hoax. But these juries are looking at what he did in the past and the damage it caused. Victims’ families say they received death threats from Jones’ followers.

Jury selection in his next trial got underway just this week in Waterbury. The jury will be deliberating in a room less than 20 miles away from Sandy Hook Elementary.