An inside look into domestic violence in Connecticut

An inside look into domestic violence in Connecticut

Crime scene tape and flashing police lights, A domestic violence call gone bad in Hartford. Detectives say an officer had to shoot a man coming at them with a knife.

Police say when they show up on the scene of a domestic violence call, it’s one the most dangerous calls because of the emotions. It’s at dangerous for police, imagine how dangerous it is for the victim involved.

Last month the Connecticut Coalition Against Domestic Violence released a fatality review report, CEO Karen Jarmoc says domestic violence doesn’t happen just around the holidays.

“We learned that we continue to see an average of 14 domestic homicides a year, and that guns continue to be the main use of force to commit that homicide.”

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So why don’t the women just leave? Jarmac says especially if you have children to run from the abuser could mean homelessness, and financial ruin.

“Most of the children and domestic violence shelters in the state are under the age of six.”

Dr. Garry Lapidus is with Connecticut Children’s Medical Center. He says in most cases men maltreat the women, and the children suffer right along with their mother, and are also abused. He also says abuse is a learned behavior.

“So young boys growing up in a home where they see daddy beating mommy are more likely to grow up as abusers, young girls who grow up seeing daddy beat mommy are more likely to get into abusive relationships.”

Here is the most important part to remember if you are in or know someone in an abusive relationship. There are certain times that the dangers are extremely high. If the woman is threatening to leave the man, if there’s a court date coming up, or if the man is threatening suicide, all three of those are huge red flags.

If you or someone you know of is in need of domestic violence help, click here

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