(WTNH) – Have you ever heard a “frost quake” before? Frost quakes, formally known as cryoseism, aren’t uncommon, but the noises they make can be unsettling.

If you haven’t heard it before, you may hear one this weekend.

As temperatures rapidly fall in Connecticut Friday into Saturday, it could cause frost quakes to happen, which can be mistaken for true earthquakes because of how loud and intense the seismic vibrations can get.

According to Storm Team 8, when temperatures fall rapidly, it causes underground water to freeze quickly. This newly frozen ice expands and puts pressure on the soil and bedrock. Once the pressure builds, it can make the soil and bedrock crack, which causes loud booms and sometimes even shaking.

The Encyclopedia Britannica says the cracking, shaking, and sounds associated with cryoseisms often occur between midnight and dawn, which is typically the coldest part of the day.

Reach out to News 8 if you hear any frost quakes.