HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Vision Solar has misrepresented information about financing and tax credits, and left customers with solar panel systems that don’t work, according to a suit being filed by Connecticut Attorney General William Tong against the company.

Tong announced the lawsuit on Thursday, citing concerns following more than a dozen complaints against the company.

“We’re investigating numerous complaints regarding high-pressure solar industry sales tactics, but Vision Solar’s predatory practices are far and away the worst we have seen,” Tong said in the written announcement. “Vision Solar preyed on low-income, elderly, and disabled homeowners, pressuring them into unaffordable loans for solar panels that in some cases were never activated. Their egregious misconduct appears to have violated multiple laws, and we’re going to hold them accountable. Our lawsuit seeks to get money back for Vision customers, as well as fines and court orders to stop Vision from engaging in these unfair and deceptive practices.”

News 8 has reached out to Vision Solar for comment. The company has not responded.

Vision Solar has installed systems on Connecticut homes since December 2020, according to Tong. The complaints began rolling into Tong’s office on August 2021.

Vision Solar representatives have pressured the elderly and people with disabilities into contracts that they can’t fully read or understand, according to Tong. In one case, the salesperson “selectively dealt” with a person with intellectual disabilities because they knew that the other homeowner wouldn’t sign the permit to install the solar system.

Tong said that in other instances, Vision Solar finished the job without getting required permits, which left customers with systems that couldn’t be connected to the grid.

The misconduct has left some customers with $95,000 in costs, according to Tong. He’s now seeking restitution, civil penalties and an injunction against the company.