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Aviation workers picketing at Bradley International Airport


As passengers are scanned by TSA, it looks like there isn’t much wrong going on at Bradley International Airport. However, if you ask Air Traffic Controllers and Aviation Safety Specialists behind the scenes, it’s noticeable that the government shutdown is taking its toll.

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“The stress is starting to go high and the morale is starting to go low. “

The men and women who keep the landing systems safe, from radars to lights, wanted to tell passengers what life is like behind the scenes as the government shutdown continues to force them to work without pay.

“I drive a Zamboni at the skating rink in Simsbury, I’ve been picking up about 30 to 35 hours a week, it makes for some long days, but it is a job that pays,” Chris Scofield, Electronics Technician.

So while the federal workers are still on the job, just how safe are the airways now that they are working under stress and pressure, and somebody in safety inspectors is gone?

“So it is not unsafe to fly, however it is less safe to fly today than it was before the government shut down,” Brian Krampovitis, President of the Air Traffic Controllers Association.

The president of the Connecticut Air Traffic Controllers Association says many of the men and women in the tower are working second jobs, driving Uber’s and working in restaurants to pay bills.

Congressman John Larson was at Bradley listening to their stories, and got a picture of exactly what life is like for these federal workers.

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“And when you hear the intricacies of what goes into the air traffic control, I think the public should be very alarmed about this, and so should Congress and we should be acting!” Congressman John Larson.

Congressman Larson was very passionate and says Congress and the president need to get their act together and get the government back online, then start negotiations the proper way.

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