Backpack dangers: How heavy is too heavy?


(WTNH) — One of the most popular back to school items is a backpack, but they can get dangerously heavy.

An expert tells us middle school children are most vulnerable to back pain. Their bodies are still growing and developing, plus their work load increases with more classes, which means more heavy books.

“We’re seeing issues with muscle sprains and sprains and numbness and having neck pain and having headaches,” said Dr. Alex Diamond.

The American Academy of Pediatrics says a backpack should never be more than 10 to 20 percent of a child’s body weight.

Experts say backpacks are often over the 20 pound limit.

The advice is always use a backpack with padded, wide straps and use both straps at all times. Students can also use their lockers as much as possible to help lighten the load.

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