Bethany farm hit by tornado still picking up pieces


One plot of land in Bethany has been farmed for over two hundred years.

This time of the year, they’re usually busy with kids checking out the farm and people are there to buy things.

Unfortunately, the sign on the door says they’re closed, and that’s all because a tornado that moved through just one week ago.

Lars Demander of Clover Nook Farm in Bethany said, “The standard procedure for us is to put tractors and equipment away and then lock down and secure the greenhouse. So my parents and I were actually in the green house when it hit all of a sudden.”

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Along a seven mile path from Beacon Falls to Hamden, 110 mile per hour winds left a path of destruction during last Tuesday’s storms. Centered right in the middle of that path was Clover Nook Farm, which opened back in 1765.  

This barn was almost 200 years old. It was built in 1840 by the third generation of the family on the farm.

Now, that barn is completely destroyed, and the family is left with one amazing survival story.

“The second green house lifted up and then landed on top of the green house we were in. We ducked under the planting benches to get cover and then the hanging baskets are coming down all around us. Dad almost took mom to seek shelter in this barn but luckily they ran in the house instead,” Lars said.

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As the storm departed, thousands of dollars of damage was left behind in its wake.

So, what’s next for the farm?

“We’re trying to open this weekend. We might be running generators for the store. We’ll see,” he added.

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