BRIDGEPORT, Conn. (WTNH) — Popstars of the boyband Big Time Rush paid a visit to Bridgeport on Friday, performing in the state for the first time in almost a decade.

The tour stopped at Bridgeport’s new Hartford HealthCare Amphitheatre as a part of the group’s Forever Tour. Connecticut native and TikTok star Dixie D’Amelio, who just released her debut album earlier this month, opened the show.

While it’s been nearly 10 years since Big Time Rush hit the road for a cross-country tour, their fans proved that their music hasn’t faltered all this time. The amphitheater was packed to the brim, showcasing both young and new fans throughout the crowd. Everyone sang in unison when the group came out singing their smash-hit single “Windows Down.”

Big Time Rush may be most well-known for their self-titled TV show on Nickelodeon during the 2010’s, but since their reappearance to the scene in 2021, James, Kendall, Carlos, and Logan returned with music showcasing a more modern, mature sound. They performed some newly-released tracks, “Not Giving You Up” and “Call It Like I See It,” along with “Fall,” which just dropped on June 10.

Throughout the night, Big Time Rush didn’t let their older fans down, performing tracks like the breezy, intimate “Show Me” and the dreamy, heart-wrenching “No Idea” from 2011’s Elevate, as well as the aptly titled “Confetti Falling” from 2013’s 24/seven.

At one point, the group played around with the dial on a giant boombox, sampling various popular radio songs, which morphed into “City Is Ours,” a fun, dancing tune from the TV show and their 2010 debut. They continued with other hits from BTR, including “Big Night,” “‘Til I Forget About You,” and “Halfway There.”

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Big Time Rush show without the band featuring a “Worldwide Girl.” The guys searched the crowd and picked someone to come on stage with them, who they serenaded while performing another hit classic from the show, the slower, charming song “Worldwide.”

The TV show’s undeniably catchy self-titled theme song preceded “Boyfriend” to round-out the band’s setlist, transporting the crowd right back to 2010. Confetti and years-long worth of yearning screams filled the air.

Photo courtesy Olivia Casey

While Big Time Rush had to navigate the pop scene during a surge in boybands during the 2010’s – competing with acts like One Direction, The Wanted, and 5 Seconds of Summer – this reunion tour proved that after all this time, their music still resonates the same, and they’re “Not Giving You Up” anytime soon.

The forthcoming track “HONEY” is due June 30. Big Time Rush is due next in Gilford, New Hampshire on Saturday, followed by a gig in Boston, Massachusetts on Sunday.