Conn. (WTNH) — A new study found that Connecticut residents take an extra liking to both caffeine and alcohol — making up 1/3 of their daily fluid intake.

The study, commissioned by, found that 30% of the average Nutmegger’s daily fluid intake is made up of booze and coffee, which is the same as the national average.

Nearly half of respondents said that after working long hours, they like to enjoy an alcoholic drink to take the edge off after a difficult day. The same amount of surveyors considered themselves “booze fit,” where they can drink at night and resume daily life the next morning, unfazed. At least until the caffeine kicks-in.

Alcohol and coffee are an essential weekly purchase for 37% of respondents. The average drinker spends around $947 a year on hangover comfort food and coffees.

Connecticut’s daily intake compared with other states in New England, as Massachusetts residents clocked in at 32% and 30% in New Hampshire. Maine had the highest in the surrounding area with 49%.

The appreciation for alcohol and coffee likely has to do with the endless rise in coffee shops and bars — there are over 120,000 in America alone.

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