NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut has been covered by severe and extreme drought for weeks, but recently, we got a good amount of rain. Unfortunately, now we have a two-prong problem with our trees.

Our summer started slightly dry, but with weeks and months of minimal rain, the entire state ended up with a severe drought.

“The drought we’re experiencing this summer puts an unbelievable amount of stress on these trees,” Kyle DeLucia, the owner of K&J Tree Service, said. “It’s not visible on the outside until the leaves start browning and falling early. People don’t realize the stress the tree is going through.”

Many trees have become stressed from lack of water, and now we are looking at a lackluster foliage season. After a decent drink of water, our drought situation is improving, but the super-saturated ground is causing another problem.

“You can see the crack here — it’s begun to split the trunk between these codominant stems,” DeLucia said. “It’s very apparent. We know that the water is getting on the inside, and it’s rotting out. You can see the rot beginning to ooze out of the base of the trunk.”

Weakened or dead trees can come down with a good gust. The culprit can be root rot, insects, or possibly disease.

“This is two trunks that split at the base and go apart,” DeLucia said. “It can oftentimes collect water — you can see the black rot in there. This is all dry, rotted wood inside. So, the trees are rotting out. They look perfectly healthy. They have a full canopy, but heavy rain will soften the ground. A little bit of wind, 50 mph, will take these trees down.”

Before you cut down that beautiful birch or beech tree, try braces. It can be cheaper than the chop.

“A tree like this, where it splits in two, we can put brace rods in the bottom and install a cable in the top,” DeLucia said. “It adds more strength and makes the two move as a rigid one piece.”

It’s too late for the foliage, but not too late to take action for future rain or wind.

If you have any trees that have maybe seen better days, many arborists and tree companies will come out and do a free estimate.