Cat hotel offers purr-fect accommodations for feline friends


One Avon woman set out to create the purr-fect accommodations after seeing that most pet boarding didn’t suit the unique needs of cats.

Kim Thomas, owner of Cat’s Meow cat resort and hotel, calls her business “the Ritz Carlton for cats.”

Thomas, a cat owner, noticed that most pet boarding wasn’t cutting it for her kitty so she took matters into her own paws.

“They need a quiet environment, an environment where there’s not a lot of noise or things that scare them, like barking dogs.”

That’s right — no dogs allowed.

“They need open space with windows and plenty of perches where they can jump and climb but also hide, and explore,” Thomas said. “We customize the rooms for every single cat.”

Every suite has a unique theme, with space to hide balanced with social time and human interaction.

“We have little happy hours so cats get cat nip and little treats around 4 o’clock, right before their dinner time.”

In creating this feline oasis, she learned many things humans find relaxing, like certain essential oils, can be deadly for your cat.

“It’s interesting because I never knew cats can’t have lavender, or even salt lamps that people have in their home to create a calming environment, and it’s very toxic to cats.”

As a cat owner herself, she knows how deep the love for our feline friends goes.

“Cats are like children for a lot of people,” said Thomas, “they give a lot of people joy and just are huge stress relievers and they’re like family.”

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