NEW BRITAIN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut’s four state universities have canceled spring break for March 2021 amid COVID-19 concerns.

This after strong recommendations from public health experts to cancel the highly-anticipated week off.

The AP reports, “State officials say they were canceling spring break next March to help ensure health and safety at Central Connecticut State University, Southern Connecticut State University, Western Connecticut State University, and Eastern Connecticut State University.”

Officials with the state’s colleges and universities tell News 8 it was a decision to keep students and staff safe by not having tons of kids leave campus, travel to different locations, and potentially bring back the virus to school. Another monkey wrench in the school year plan for students.

Monday, the president of CCSU announced the school will continue the hybrid learning method due to the COVID-19 pandemic into the next semester.

According to the letter sent to staff and families, CCSU President Zulma Toro announced plans are in development for next semester to continue in-person and remote classes. These changes directly affect scheduling. The spring semester will now begin on January 26, 2021, one week later than originally dated.

Spring break, March 15-21, 2021, has been canceled. Finals week will keep its May 10-16 scheduled dates.

News 8 spoke with a number of students Monday who say, they understand the reason for canceling spring break and all the fun it brings for safety reasons. But for many, in the era of coronavirus-style education, it just feels like one less thing to look forward to.

Kendall Coles, a senior at CCSU said, “I heard things aren’t returning back to normal in the spring, but I hope next year in the fall it’ll be better because I want people to get a true college experience at college because when I was here as a freshman, I got that college experience and it was pretty good.”

Hazel Hudson, a freshman said, “I feel worse for people who have been here before because they know what it’s supposed to be like. So I feel like that’s so disappointing knowing how much fun it was in the past.”

Annie Klarman, a sophomore added, “It kinda sucks. I was looking forward to it and it seemed like a fun thing and now it’s only classes without the fun college experience.”

Students now just hoping for the best of an uncertain situation without much light at the end of the tunnel.

“I don’t think a lot of things will return back completely to normal but I hope that it’ll get better soon,” Hudson said.

“If you could get through this, you can get through anything,” assured Coles.

News 8 has learned that the 12 state community colleges have not had their spring break canceled as many of its classes are remote and they don’t have a residential campus as the four state schools do.