Certain areas of health care will be protected under new CT laws


New Year’s day is Tuesday. As soon as the ball drops, new state laws will take effect in 2019. However, certain areas of health care will be protected under the new Connecticut state laws

The state of Connecticut is trying to make sure people get equal pay for equal work, and to make sure they hold on to key elements of their health care, as well.

Some of that is designed as a hedge against uncertainty on the federal level.

For instance, no one is sure about the future of Obamacare, or the Affordable Care Act. President Donald Trump famously ran on the idea of repealing and replacing it. Both have turned out to be harder to do than he expected.

Connecticut law will now protect elements of healthcare such as outpatient care, emergency room care and certain prenatal care. Another new law will prevent a prospective employer from asking what you made at your last job.

An adjunct professor of law at Quinnipiac University says the idea is to try to get equal pay for women.

“This comes about because of the data that shows women are disproportionately impacted when it comes to their employment history. You can still volunteer it if you want,” Jon Pavia, Adjunct Professor of Law at Quinnipiac University. 

Also starting Tuesday, many homeowners will now face a new surcharge on their insurance policies. That money will go into a fund designed to help homeowners struggling with those crumbling foundations.

They can cost upwards of a hundred thousand dollars to fix. There will be new rules for how law enforcement reacts to domestic violence complaints. Police and prosecutors will have more discretion over determining who was the aggressor in the encounter.

Connecticut has been leading the nation in domestic violence incidents where both people got arrested, regardless of who started the domestic fight.

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