Conn. (WTNH) — Do you ever feel like you need a change of pace? You’re not alone. Connecticut residents looking to relocate often look to the city or out west.

A study, conducted by moving experts at, looked at Google search data across the state based on search terms like “houses in,” “Zillow,” “apartments in,” and “move to.”

Connecticut residents’ most desired state to relocate to is New York. While New York is close, it certainly offers a different lifestyle, especially in New York City. The average house price in New York state is $375,719, which is 1.96% lower than in Connecticut.

Massachusetts, Connecticut’s neighbor, was the next desired state. However, unlike New York, the average house price in Massachusetts is $611,819 – the fifth highest in all of the U.S.

In third came a somewhat surprising state: California. While Massachusetts and New York are easily within driving distance from Connecticut, California is on an entirely different coast. Prices are also staggering compared to the Nutmeg state, averaging $816,804.

While the choice to cross the country may seem odd, there are a lot of aspects that go into relocating. A spokesperson for said that people often consult Google before moving and look for information on available houses, local schools, job opportunities, and leisure activities.

Out of all 50 states, California was the most sought-after.

“This may be due, in part, to the pleasant weather, large economy, food scene, and range of landscapes for all types of adventure,” the spokesperson said. “According to, 40% of Americans were considering a move in 2022. The OECD index states that on average, 18% of a US resident’s gross adjusted disposable income is spent on keeping a roof over their heads. It is therefore extremely important that a decision to move, and where to, is not taken lightly.” relocates thousands of homes across the country.