Conn. (WTNH) — Clowns, holes, and heights are among those that give people the “spooks.” But, what about in Connecticut?

According to new research conducted by by analyzing Google searches around all things “phobias,” Connecticut residents searched for “trypophobia” the most over the last 12 months.

Trypophobia is the fear of clustered patterns or irregular holes, like honeycombs and sponges that have repetitive patterns or clusters. While most people just feel an aversion or disgust looking at trypophobic images, it can be diagnosed as a phobia if fear or distress is involved.

Over the last year, Connecticut residents searched for this fear nearly 65,000 times, the report showed.

While not nearly as close to the top-ranking fear in the state, thalassophobia took the No. 2 spot, as people searched for the phobia over 20,000 times. Thalassophobia is the fear of the ocean.

Claustrophobia, the fear of closed spaces, followed suit, along with the fear of vomiting, heights, spiders, and fear of being stared at.

The list rounded-out with megalophobia – the fear or large objects – as well as the fear of clowns and needles.

According to, an estimated 9.1% of all Americans have some form of phobia. New research was recently published by the Scientific American on coulrophobia, or the fear of clowns, which found that more than half of those surveyed across the globe said they were scared of clowns to some degree, taking precedent over other fears like blood, heights, and closed spaces.