(WTNH) — A new lawsuit has been filed in the deadly vintage B-17 crash at Bradley International Airport that happened in 2019.

The family of one of the victims killed is suing Collings Foundation for gross negligence and recklessness.

On Oct. 2, 2019, Michael Foster was serving as a volunteer co-pilot on the aircraft when the plane crashed moments after takeoff. The incident killed Foster, five other passengers, and the Pilot in Command. There were 13 people aboard.

Andrew Groher of RisCassi & Davis Law Partner said, “they didn’t do a proper pre-flight run up, which would have shown them that the engines weren’t capable of producing adequate power. When they shifted over to the number three engine that engine also was not able to produce peek-power.”

The vintage World War II-era B-17G aircraft was used for the ‘The Wings of Freedom Tour’.

The National Transportation Safety Board cited inadequate maintenance as a contributing factor to the crash in a report released earlier this year.

Families of victims, along with surviving passengers and estates of passengers, have filed other lawsuits against Collings Foundation since the deadly crash, citing similar negligence claims.

This latest lawsuit was filed in Hartford Superior Court.