HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Registered Republicans from colleges across Connecticut arrived at the State Capitol to voice concerns over alleged harassment due to their political views on Thursday afternoon.

The college students touched on allegations of free speech violations, the feeling of censorship and bullying amongst their peers and educational leaders on Connecticut college campuses.

Timothy Anop, a student of the University of New Haven, who is also the Chairman of Connecticut Federation of College Republicans, provided an example in regards to his own personal experience of his professor calling him out in front of the class, stating that, his “opinions didn’t matter because he supported the President.”

The students allege that professors across colleges “guide students with opinions in to silence and suppression, and do not allow free speech in the educational system.”

Members of the Connecticut Federation of College Republicans were present and vocal about their concerns. Connecticut Republican Party Chairman, J.R. Romano also supported the initiative: Take Back the First.

The mission of Take Back the First is to ensure that every student on college campuses in the State of Connecticut, regardless of political ideology, can speak freely without the fear of retaliation of their professors.

“What these students face on a daily basis is just astounding. You’ve heard one example and we’ve had these examples happen in high schools in Connecticut, the President recently acknowledged an example in West Haven where that student was bullied and harassed by teachers. I think the reality of what we’re facing here in this country is that anything that is not liberal, anything that does not fit the ideology of the democratic party should be shouted down and attacked.”

J.R. Romano, Connecticut Republican Party Chairman

The students urged government officials to ensure that the bullying and intimidation based on their political views ends.

Take Back the First will be lobbying to amend discrimination policies to include political ideology which will designate political ideology as a protected class.