HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — A bill capping annual rent increases in Connecticut will be on the table Tuesday amid soaring prices and limited housing inventory. 

Cap the Rent CT Coalition has been working on legislation that would limit how much a landlord can increase rent each year. Lawmakers are considering a bill that mandates a 4% rent cap.

Housing advocates are urging lawmakers to go even lower by passing legislation that caps rent increases at 3% and includes good-cause-eviction protections.

“It’s not a punitive cap necessarily,” said Luke Melonakos-Harrison with the Connecticut Tenants Union. “It actually gives renters stability and security year-to-year knowing that they’re not going to be hit with a surprise increase and be forced to move out.”

The Connecticut Coalition of Property Owners is against this bill, saying landlords need to be able to control rent increases.

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“I want my tenants to be happy, healthy, have a nice, clean, affordable place to live,” said Rick Bush with the coalition. “But I’m forced to keep up with the cost of inflation and keep up with the cost of operation.”

In Middletown, some tenants are in favor of the legislation. 

“Rent prices are already ridiculous as they are,” Patrick O’Brien said. “A single bedroom is at least $1,500 in Middletown, which is already ridiculous for someone who just graduated from college.” 

Some tenants see rent increases every year.

“I would understand if landlords were maybe putting more work in the apartments and giving a reason for rent to actually be increased,” Leah Broadwell said. ” I don’t feel personally I’m getting that where I live.” 

Housing advocates will be in Hartford on Tuesday to garner support for this bill. Then, the housing committee will hold a public hearing.

The report below is from News 8 at 10 on Feb. 20, 2023.