NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — As we inch closer to a potential nor’easter in Connecticut, utility companies are working to get ready to help people in the state.

Utility companies are tracking the storm, which will then determine their response. Eversource is already in the process of flying in extra utility crews from out of state to help with potential power outages.

“This is a classic case of prepare for the worst but hope for the best,” Mitch Gross, a spokesperson for Eversource said. “We service 149 of the state’s 169 towns, so it’s a huge responsibility that we clearly understand and we’re prepared to go.”

The only thing weighing them down at this point is the conditions that can be challenging for the crews. But it is not just utility crews who will have to crack through those challenges.

Some salting crews under private contractors are preparing for long hours keeping the roads clear. But unlike a year ago, when getting salt was an issue from the only supplier in New Haven, one landscape company tells News 8 they have plenty of it.

“Last year, it was back to back to back events and it was hard to get replenished just because of the timing issue but this year we’ve had pretty good luck with it.“

A salt business out of New London shut down last year and Gateway Terminal in New Haven was the only place you can get it.

News 8 reached out to Gateway, who said in part:

“Gateway sells salt directly into the commercial market, such as snowplow contractors, and occasionally to municipalities on a spot basis; our inventories are at levels commensurate with prior years and we have an adequate supply on hand for contractor… and there is an adequate supply for the upcoming storm.”

News 8 also reached out to UI about storm preparations and their plan of action. We are waiting to hear back.