Congresswoman Jahana Hayes comments on vote to toss Rep. Greene off committee


NEWTOWN, Conn. (WTNH) — A congresswoman who once indicated support for a theory that the Sandy Hook massacre was a hoax had her power in Congress dramatically reduced.

Majorie Taylor-Greene is a freshman Republican from Georgia. You may remember a few weeks ago, a mother who lost her daughter at Sandy Hook told News 8 Taylor-Greene should resign. Taylor-Greene had commented on a Facebook post that school shootings were faked or staged.

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On Wednesday, the congresswoman was stripped of her committee posts, which is a big deal. She didn’t resign, but her constituents now won’t get the service they expected. Taylor-Greene is taking this in stride, saying she has now more free time on her hands.

Congresswoman Jahana Hayes, whose district includes Newtown, was disgusted by Taylor-Greene’s views. In an interview with News 8, Hayes fought back tears as she recalled the active shooter drills she lived through when she was a teacher in Waterbury.

“I remember sitting in the dark, sitting with my kids, hearing the dogs in the hallway waiting for us to be released from the lockdown. And the one thing is, as the educator in the room, you have to maintain your composure. You have to be the strong, steady person even as your students are nervous, scared or excited and getting restless,” Hayes says. “And you have to keep reminding them that everything is okay, it’s safe. And I’ve been in class where kids are on their cell phones and they’re like, ‘Miss no. This is what’s happening.'”

Hayes continues saying, “The last 24 hours was like a roller coaster, I have to tell you. That a week ago when drafted the letter asking that Rep. Marjorie Taylor-Greene not be seated on the Education and Labor Committee, I wasn’t even sure it would work. I said, ‘I don’t know what I can do, but I have to do something,'” Hayes said. “There has to be a response from me that this is so inappropriate, this rhetoric does not belong on this committee.”

Taylor-Greene tried to walk back her comments and support of QAnon, but so far there has been no apology to the people of Newtown.

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