NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut Attorney General William Tong is suing the maker of Hefty trash bags.

According to Tong, the Hefty Recycling Trash Bags are not actually recyclable. Tong added they are “no more recyclable than any other Hefty garbage bag product.”

Tong said any recyclable items placed inside the bags cannot be effectively recycled and are diverted to the waste stream for disposal. He said Reynolds Consumer Products deceived Connecticut families and undermined the state’s recycling systems.

The lawsuit seeks to hold Reynolds accountable for these intentional misrepresentations, Tong said.

“The problem is these bags are not recyclable. Not just in Connecticut, but as far as we can tell anywhere in this country,” Tong said. “The problem with this packaging and this box is that consumers like the Tong family in Stamford are gonna buy these bags, put recyclables in the bags, put it into the stream of recycling and not only the bags, but what’s in the bags will not get recycled.”

The lawsuit, filed in state Superior Court Tuesday, seeks unspecified monetary damages including profits from bag sales and attorneys’ fees, as well as an order that would prevent further deception, Tong said.

Adding insult to injury, Tong said, is that the bags have been known to clog recycling sorting machinery.

DEEP Commissioner Katie Dykes said contamination in the recycling system is costly.

News 8 reached out to Reynolds Consumer Products for comment. They said the following in a statement Tuesday night:

“At this time, we have not received any formal notice of a lawsuit from Attorney General Tong or the state of Connecticut regarding this matter and, therefore, are unable to comment.”

The Associated Press contributed to this report.