Conn. (WTNH) — Teachers, students, and parents can now benefit from the newly-updated Connecticut Learning Hub this upcoming school year.

The Connecticut State Department of Education announced the launch on Thursday, noting that the hub will provide “high quality supplemental resources” to help students excel in the classroom.

Through the updated hub, everyone will have access to eight content resources: K-12 model curricula, social emotional learning, family learning, summer learning, virtual content learning, student centered learning, educator learning, and collaborative learning. These include model curricula and standards, research for teachers, and short video clips to introduce content areas.

Education Commissioner Charlene Russell-Tucker said that these resources, combined in a free and accessible space, can help “bridge the gap in education.”

“Each student now has access to the same supplemental resources, regardless of district,” Russell-Tucker said.

The Connecticut Learning Hub was first launched for the 2020-2021 school year to help provide supplementary teaching resources from any location.

See the updated hub and utilize its resources here.