Conn. (WTNH) — It’s a new year, so does that mean some families want to relocate to a new state?

According to a poll, conducted by the kid-friendly vacation ideas site, a majority of the 3,000 surveyors said they would move to Florida if given the chance. Whether it’s due to Florida’s warm weather or lack of state income tax, the Sunshine State is definitely on the minds of Nutmeggers.

In the past year, 14% of surveyors said they though about permanently moving, the poll found. Reasons for a move include weather, a healthier lifestyle, better job opportunities, and better pay.

Connecticut isn’t alone; Californians would opt to move to New York, while Wisconsinites would head to Arizona.

In terms of outside of the U.S., surveyors across the country were most likely to move to the United Kingdom. Not only is there no language barrier in the UK, but it’s also home to the Royal Family — a hot topic in the states.

Connecticut residents, however, would opt to move to Italy. Filled with beautiful scenery, Italy offers a new cultural experience and change of pace for anyone teetering on the decision to stay in America.

See where each state’s residents would be willing to relocate to here.