Conn. (WTNH) — It’s been almost a week since Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin collapsed on the field, shocking football fans across the country. Hamlin is in recovery, but the incident is raising questions around how dangerous the sport is.

Connecticut bars were packed were fans; this incident is still fresh in everyone’s mind. For some, it’s not changing how they think about the game, but it’s made a difference in what it means to be a football fan. 

We’re not in Bills country, but fans were still shocked to see Bills’ safety Damar Hamlin collapse in the middle of the game. 

“When I saw it, it was nerve wracking cause you look up to these football players and they’re supposed to be big and tough and when someone goes down like that, it’s just scary,” Logan Diana of Milford said. “Especially since I played football, I’ve seen my fair share of injuries so it was just scary.” 

Hamlin suffered cardiac arrest and was hospitalized.  

No matter which team you’re loyal too, fans everywhere were hoping Hamlin was okay. Even though an incident like this is rare, some fans say the nature of the game is dangerous. 

“Well I don’t think feel that the NFL should change any rules on the contact,” Kenneth Lee of Hamden said. “They’ve already changed a lot of the rules on protecting the quarterback and certain players, and so if you change it more, it’s going to be more like flag football, and I don’t think anyone wants to watch flag football.” 

“It’s an American game, that’s what it is,” Anthony Saldamarco of Wallingford said. “It’s no more violent than rugby or boxing or karate or any of the other mixed martial arts on TV.” 

Fans are still tuning into to watch football. Some say they love the sport even more now, seeing the country unite over the past week… supporting Hamlin and donating millions to his charity toy drive. 

Hamlin posted on Instagram today, thanking everyone for their prayers and encouragement. He says he’s on the long road to recovery but this whole experience will make him stronger.