Conn. (WTNH) — Earth Day is nearing, and according to a new study, Connecticut residents can celebrate knowing the state has been ranked eighth greenest in the country.

The 2022’s Greenest States report, from the personal-finance website WalletHub, shows that Connecticut is paying more attention to Mother Earth than most states across the U.S. During the report, WalletHub compared the 50 states based on 25 key metrics to judge each state’s environmental friendliness, using data like green buildings per capita and the amount of energy consumption from renewable resources.

While Connecticut ranked eighth overall – falling behind Maryland, California, Massachusetts, and Minnesota – it took the No. 1 spot for climate change contributions.

Connecticut’s total environmentally-friendly score stood at 71%, with a ranking 12th for environmental quality and eco-friendly behaviors. The state also ranked fifth for lowest energy consumption per capita.

So which state has been dubbed the most environmentally friendly? Vermont stole the show with a 79% score. It’s ranked No. 1 for eco-friendly behaviors and second for environmental quality. Its climate-change contributions, however, were ranked 30 out of 50. New York and Hawaii followed for the second and third spot, respectively.

Some other states to note include Wyoming, which has the highest air quality across the country, as well as Rhode Island, which has the lowest energy consumption per capita. Hawaii, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin all tied for highest soil quality, while California had the highest water quality.

Non-surprisingly, New York had the lowest gasoline consumption per capita, and Oregon ranked the highest percentage of renewable energy consumption alongside Maine, South Dakota, and Washington.

On the other end of the spectrum, West Virginia was ranked the least greenest state, pulling only a score of 20%. It’s environmental quality and eco-friendly behaviors were ranked No. 48, with the least amount of climate-change contributions out of all 50 states. Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama followed closely behind.

California’s air quality is not advisable, taking the spot for lowest in the country, while West Virginia had the lowest water quality and fewest LEED-certified buildings per capita.

In terms of political parties, the study found that blue states are more eco-friendly, noting that democratic states had an average ranking of 15% and republican states had an average ranking of 35%.

See the full report via WalletHub here.