(WTNH) – Connecticut’s sales tax-free week is back, and it’s a great time to save a few dollars while getting the kids ready to head back to school.

The tax-free week began on Sunday and will last until the end of the day Saturday, August 27. Individual clothing items under $100 are exempt from sales tax, except for a few things that are not.

This is the second tax-free week this calendar year, which Connecticut has never done before. But with prices as high as they are due to inflation, state officials said they figured people could use a second break back in April.

Each eligible clothing item under $100 is tax-free, and you can buy as many of those items as you want, all tax-free. A lot of stores are offering up additional sales bonuses as well this week, so you can save big if you shop around.

These sales could go a long way in back-to-school shopping, with the new school year approaching fast.

Here are a few items you can buy tax-free if they’re under $100: most clothes, most shoes and boots, hats, handkerchiefs, ties, socks, and even some dancing shoes!

You do still have to pay sales tax on things like jewelry, handbags, purses, party costumes, sports uniforms, and wet suits. Also sports equipment such as helmets, skates, shin guards, and cleats.