HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — The state Senate unanimously passed a bill Wednesday night aimed at protecting domestic violence victims and fighting other forms of abuse.

Senate Bill 5 would add victims of family violence to the list of protected classes to prohibit discrimination in the workplace.

“They could show that they had a police report indicating that they were a victim of domestic violence, they could show a court order, an order of protection,” said State Sen. Mae Flexer, (D) 29th District.

Employers would also receive specifications on providing reasonable accommodations to family violence victims, with demands like health concerns, divorce, temporary homelessness, depression and trauma not becoming barriers to them retaining their employment.

“I don’t see that anybody is going to pretend to be the victim so that they can go and take two hours off. I think that going and expressing yourself and saying ‘I have to go do this because I’m a victim of domestic violence,’ I think that’s going to be hard for the victim to do,” said State Sen. John A. Kissel, (R) 7th District.

The bill would also require dating apps to provide notifications to users on whether background checks are conducted.