HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s been two weeks since Hurricane Ian hit Florida’s west coast, and Connecticut is continuing to help with the relief efforts.

The CT-1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team is wrapping-up its tour of duty in Florida. The team was called in to help build a field hospital.

“All had no potable water,” Team commander Lynn Hayes said. “Some did not have sewage immediately after landfall, and no electricity.”

There are 35 nurses, doctors, and pharmacists from all over Connecticut, working and sleeping in the parking lot of this Fort Myers hospital, helping pick up the ER’s overflow.

“There’s been a huge surge with the post-disaster type injuries: Chain saws, people falling off rooves,” David Cruickshank of the team said.

They said being on the DMAT team is like being in the National Guard. You can be called up for deployment on a moment’s notice, and although you’re not actually in the military, your employer gives you military-style time off.

For Dave, that means time off from teaching at Vinal Tech. He said that’s okay, because this is what he teaches. Back in Middletown, his students are studying emergency management and tracking Florida conditions and texting them updates.

“They’re able to help tell us what weather is coming,” Cruickshank said. “‘You have about an hour before a thunderstorm arrives.’ Well, that’s helpful information to us.”

Wanting to help drives everyone on the DMAT team. They said folks in Florida are just happy to know the country hasn’t forgotten about them.

“It’s humbling and it’s truly an honor to be able to help the people of Florida,” Hayes said.

This Connecticut team will be heading home soon, knowing many of the people they are helping have no home at all.