NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Connecticut is all in for Team USA, according to Google Trends.

The search giant found that the Constitution State ranked fifth for “World Cup” searches among all the states Tuesday. Coming in ahead is the District of Columbia, New Jersey, California and Massachusetts.

The region Googling “World Cup” the least was West Virginia. Alaska, Mississippi, Montana and Wyoming also showed little interest.

The U.S. beat Iran 1-0 Tuesday afternoon to advance to the knockout round after Christian Pulisic crashed into a goalkeeper in order to score.

Related Google searches trending Tuesday included “how long is a soccer game in the world cup” and “world cup schedule.”

When it comes to countries, the U.S. comes in 27th for the country with the most World Cup-related searches. In the top spot Tuesday was the Maldives, followed by Qatar, Nepal, Uganda and Ethiopia.