WASHINGTON (WTNH) — Congress cut a last-minute deal this weekend to avoid a government shutdown, giving national leaders another 45 days to come up with a budget deal.

Monday, Connecticut Democrats came out with a warning — don’t let people be hurt by political posturing.

While Republicans and Democrats in the Senate have worked together, the same hasn’t been said for the House.

“A small segment of far-right, hard-right, Republican extremists are threatening to burn down our fiscal house, and we can’t allow them to do it,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-Conn.) said.

Those Republicans are demanding big spending cuts, which Connecticut’s senators said would hurt the poor, children and people with special needs.

“They hate government,” Sen. Chris Murphy (D-Conn.) said. “And they hate Joe Biden so much that they would rather hurt the country, and hurt families here, than see the president be able to operate the government.”

Gov. Ned Lamont quoted the late, longtime House Speaker Sam Rayburn, stating, “It takes a carpenter to build a barn, and any [expletive] can kick one down.”

The stop-gap plan in place cuts off U.S. funding to Ukraine and increases federal disaster funding.

The new deadline is Nov. 17.