ROCKY HILL, Conn. (WTNH) — Are you ready for winter snowstorms? The Connecticut Department of Transportation is. They held an open house Tuesday to display their snow removal equipment.

When snowstorms inevitably hit the state, DOT officials said they have the manpower and tools to clear the roads.

At the Rocky Hill garage, mechanics are already working hard, fixing breaks to ensure the plows are good to go for that first snowstorm.

The garage houses its main repair shop, fabricating parts and building specialty parts to help keep trucks running safely during winter. DOT workers address mechanical issues as they arise in their fleet of more than 600 trucks.

“Something inevitably breaks, whether it’s a belt, a chain, a pulley, some of the hydraulics,” Josh Morgan, the spokesperson for the state DOT. “So, our garages are fully stocked on parts. We buy in triplicate because we know we’ll be going through parts every winter.”

The open house will move to their Wethersfield garage, where they will show off more of their plowing equipment, then end at the state DOT’s highway operations center, showcasing its 200 live traffic cameras.