Connecticut marinas issue alerts to boat owners as Tropical Storm Elsa approaches


GROTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Boaters back at Pine Island Marina after their latest trip are putting in a little added effort tying up their boats today.

“Just putting a couple of extra fenders on the dock,” said boat owner Silvestre Pereira.

That’s because Tropical Storm Elsa may have Connecticut in her sights. The marina sent out an email blast urging owners to double up their lines, add extra fenders, and make sure their bilge pumps work. 

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“We’re used to it,” said boat owner Bob Trapp. “Happens all the time.”

Trapp will be adding lines to the front of this boat to keep it in place in case big waves arrive with the storm.

“That’s just an extra strength for the front because they go on separate poles,” said Trapp.

“I’ve seen four five footers in the bay here. You can actually surf on them,” said Pine Island Marina manager Miles Dull.

He will be keeping a close eye on the storm’s path.

“I’ve seen them change three or four times before they get to us,” said Dull.

He’ll also be closely watching the boats before, during, and after the storm.

“I walk this dock probably 30 times during a storm,” said Dull. “I’d rather tie somebody’s boat up than have to take it from the bottom because that’s usually where they stop is right on the bottom.”

On some of the bigger boats, owners often double up their lines as a matter of common practice so they are prepared for the storm. But many others may have to rush down to the marina if Elsa heads toward Connecticut.

Dull and his crew shore up what they can and add lines to try to avoid problems they’ve seen before.

“Last fall when we had a pretty good storm and they were snapping like banjo strings, said Dull.

 Problems they hope they won’t see again.

“Adds to the boating adventure,” said Pereira.

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