HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH) — Another $13.5 million is arriving in Connecticut from a landmark settlement with three major opioid distributors and a manufacturer.

This is the second payment to the state from a $26 billion national settlement with opioid distributors Cardinal, McKesson and AmerisourceBergen and manufacturer Johnson & Johnson. The first payment of $11.1 million was paid in July and will support opioid treatment and prevention in Connecticut.

“No amount of money will ever compensate for the trauma of losing a parent or child, but towns like New London are showing that we can use this money to prevent future tragedy,” Attorney General William Tong said. “Whether it is purchasing Narcan, or supporting the critical work of the NLC CARES Navigators, this money is saving lives.”

New London received an initial payment of $16,715.86 in September and will receive a second payment of $17,567.55 on Oct. 31 through the settlement. New London will receive as much as $475,000 in total over the next 18 years.

“The lion’s share of the money will be managed by a state council, an advisory council, which will be comprised of half state officials and their designees and half of the municipalities, so cities and towns like New London, will be right at the head of the table deciding what happens to this money,” Tong said.

According to the attorney general’s office, Connecticut will receive nearly $300 million over the next 18 years in opioid settlement funds. Fifteen percent of the settlement funds are going directly to cities and towns, with the remaining 85% going to the state.

“We will walk you through whatever support you need, we won’t judge, and we are here to truly make you feel like the best person you can be,” said Trish Rios, Care Navigator.

Tong announced in March 2022 that Purdue Pharma and the Sackler family will pay $6 billion to victims, survivors, and eight states, including Connecticut, and the District of Columbia for their role in the opioid epidemic. Connecticut will receive up to $95 million from the settlement.