Connecticut residents living with famous names


Imagine what life might be like if you were recognized everywhere you went, but not because of your face, but because of your famous name.

Well, all you need is love.

It’s hard to believe, but it’s true. Paul McCartney married Linda Johnson. The result? The fab two.

The Canton couple got stopped at the airport while taking a group of employees. 

“My secretary ran up and said ‘these people are going nuts, they think you’re the famous Paul McCartney!’ I said ‘the minute they see me, they’ll realize their mistake.’ Absolutely didn’t happen,” he explained.

“We were segmented into the VIP section to wait for the flight separated from you little people. See, it’s not going to my head?” McCartney joked.

Connecticut’s James Brown doesn’t get a lot of perks, but he does enjoy attention. 

People will say to me ‘do you have a brand new bag?’ or ‘are you feeling good today?’ he said. “Most people who do that while they’re doing it feel bad that they’re doing it. They can’t stop themselves, exactly.”

This Bloomfield insurance executive actually possesses a twofer. 

“Whereas James Brown came into my life in the late 60s, before that, it was Jim Brown from the Cleveland Browns, the football player,” he said.

“I picked up a USA Today newspaper…was flipping through the pages and there was an article that said ‘Tim Robbins makes it to the big leagues,’ Robbins said.

So, this Norwich dad, then a teenager, took the ball, ran with it, and had a little fun. 

“I ended up clipping out the article and photocopying my face over the name of the actor then hanging it in my locker in high school,” he explained.

“I had quite a few gullible people who thought I was acting on the side over the summer,” he said.

The McCartney’s may never ride in a yellow submarine, Brown isn’t likely to show off fancy footwork in front of a crowd and Robbins doesn’t expect to ever pitch a no-hitter, but they’re all grateful for their unforgettable monikers and the memorable experiences they’ve inspired. 

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