(WTNH) — Black Friday is one of the best days to get your holiday shopping done, as hundreds of stores promote amazing discounts on popular items.

As exciting as the shopping frenzy may seem, Connecticut State Police warned that shoppers should mind their surroundings this holiday.

One thing state police advised was that shoppers should always carry their wallets in a front-facing pocket, and if you have a purse, carry it close. This way it will be harder for a potential thief to snatch your cash.

Try your best to shop with others, there’s safety in numbers, troopers said.

When you enter a store, be sure to remove all valuables from your car and lock the doors behind you. This will dissuade someone from potentially breaking into your car. You should also never leave your car running when you enter a store, even if it’s for a second.

Police also reminded people that you cannot leave a child alone in a car while you shop, it’s against the law.

Avoid carrying large sums of cash outside of your home, and in parking lots, try to park in well-lit areas.

When you’re returning to your car, be sure to have your keys in hand when you do.

And finally, state police reminded everyone to pay attention to their surrounding, no matter where you are or who you’re with.