NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) – Bringing high-quality healthcare right to a New Haven neighborhood.

Along with all of the activities for kids and senior citizens, the Dixwell Community Center, also commonly known as the “Q” House, is also the new home to a branch of the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center.

The fact that it’s there is a special significance to one man who first came to the health center as a patient but is now also on its board of directors.

Nathan Jones is thankful that the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center was there for him when he was suffering from a life-threatening health emergency back in 1995.

“Through the grace of God my health is back on track and allowing me to be here today,” Jones said. “I think one of the things that made it great for me, it was inclusive. With so many services I was able to come here for my eye care, my for dental. I was able to come here as well for my primary care.”

The Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center has about 30 locations in the New Haven area. One of the newest locations is inside the Dixwell Community Center, which opened its doors in 2021.

This center is right in the heart of the Dixwell community with a school and hundreds of homes and apartments surrounding it. This makes it easy for people in the neighborhood to walk to the center or take the bus.

Earlier this month, the Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center marked its 55th anniversary with a gala at the New Haven Lawn Club.

What began as just one location back in 1968 has grown into a major healthcare network that serves thousands of patients, many in communities where top medical facilities have traditionally been hard to find.

“I think we are uniquely qualified by virtue of our background and our affiliation with the community that’s respectful of their culture and I think that’s a unique quality that we bring to the table,” said CEO of Cornell Scott-Hill Health Center, Michael Taylor.