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Connecticut Vaccine Hunter working to make sure no COVID vaccine in the state goes to waste


(WTNH) — The waiting list for the vaccine is long, but there are ways to find doses. A group of people called the Connecticut Vaccine Hunters is looking to help people get the vaccine.

“So people come into the group looking for hope,” Joel Leyden, Connecticut Vaccine Hunters.

The group is called Connecticut Vaccine Hunters, and they are a social media-based organization that helps people for free find the easiest path to the vaccine.

“We take someone by the hand and walk them through the various steps they need to sign up, if they’re able to sign up, or simply call the pharmacy and ask if excess vaccine is available,” Leyden.

The Vaccine Hunters have a team of volunteers who call pharmacies and healthcare providers to see if they will have any extra doses that didn’t get used for that day. If they do, Vaccine Hunters make an appointment or send over someone from their website in need. We checked with the governor’s office, and if there’s extra vaccine left over, they want to make sure it ends up in the arm, and that no vaccine is left behind. That means even if you don’t fit into the category of 65 and older, instead of throwing it away, they want it to go into an arm.

“You do not have to have an appointment for excess vaccine, there are no federal or state protocols governing the distribution of excess vaccine,” Leyden.

“I looked into it and I actually joined on February 7th and I did all of the things they recommended, and within eight days I got my vaccine,” Ruth Anderson of Coventry.

It is important to point out there are not a lot of extra vaccines, or extra doses just laying around out there. It is hard to come by. And that is why vaccine hunters started a second website, called Vaccine Angel. And with that, they go alongside other people and help them out, and that is why Anderson joined that after getting her own shot. She thought maybe she could help someone else and help relieve their anxiety.

“I am grateful so I wanted to help others I wanted to give them advice, moral support and we all share information.

For more information on the website and how they do it, click here.

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