Conn. (WTNH) – With 87% of Americans reporting feeling “anxious” or “very anxious” about inflation, WalletHub, a personal finance website, has recently released a report on this year’s happiest states in America.

These “happiest states” are ranked by the residents who report the highest satisfaction with life. Across the 50 states, WalletHub surveyed 30 key indicators to show levels of happiness per state.

The data set ranges from the depression rate per state, the share of adults feeling productive, income growth, and unemployment rate.

According to WalletHub, Connecticut was ranked as the 10th happiest state in the U.S.!

Here’s how happiness in Connecticut was ranked by WalletHub (1 = Happiest; 25 = Average):

  • 20th state for percentage of depressed adults
  • 23rd state for adequate sleep rates
  • 6th state for suicide rates
  • 6th state for the number of work hours
  • 23rd state for volunteer rates
  • 18th state for separation and divorce rates
  • 6th state for safety
  • 20th state for a share of adults feeling active and productive