NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Did you see something? Say something.

Across Connecticut, many families have waited decades to see justice for their loved ones. In some, they’ve died without having answers.

The state allows the governor to authorize up to a $50,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest and conviction in a case. To be eligible for a reward, the crime has to be one where a perpetrator would spend more than a year in prison.

Anyone with information about the following cases is urged to contact law enforcement. Tips can be given anonymously.

In addition to the list, smaller cash rewards are also offered for information on serial rapists and other crimes.

More information on the cases, including photos of the victims, can be viewed on the Connecticut Division of Criminal Justice website.

Here are the homicide cases with $50,000 rewards:

Javed Akhtar

Date: Feb. 28, 2007

Akhtar was shot to death on Feb. 28, 2007, outside his One Stop Convenience Store in East Windsor. Police believe the 32-year-old was shot during an attempted armed robbery.

Contact: Call West Windsor police at (860) 292-8240.

Iroquois Alston and Rickita Smalls

Date: Aug. 6, 2011

Alston, 27, and 22-year-old Smalls were found shot to death on Aug. 6, 2011, in the back of a Honda sedan parked on Avenue B in Norwalk.

They had died of gunshot wounds to the head, according to police.

Contact: Call Norwalk police at (203) 854-3111 or call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606.

Edward Bell, Jr.

Date: May 6, 2005

Bell, also known as “Little Man,” was shot and killed on May 6, 2005, at 110 George St. in Hartford.

Contact: Call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606.

Amos Brown, Jr.

Date: Aug. 13, 2010

Brown was shot to death on Aug. 13, 2010, on Lexington Avenue in Norwalk, near the El Coqui Grocery.

The suspects are three black males who were teenagers or in their early 20s. Police said they left the scene in a silver or gray Chevrolet Malibu. Police later found the vehicle, but no arrests have been made.

Contact: Call Norwalk police at (203) 854-3111 or call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606.

Nicholas Brown

Date: Sept. 24, 2016

Brown was 26 years old when he was shot and killed in September 2016 outside 160 Magnolia St. in Hartford. He had been shot 18 times.

Shell casings at the scene revealed that two guns were fired. No witnesses have stepped forward, and a suspect has never been identified.

Contact: Anonymous tips can be given by calling (860) 722-8477 or going to

Anne Caro

Date: Aug. 28, 2005

The mother of two was found dead on her birthday inside her Mansfield home. She had been strangled to death.

Evidence at the scene has not identified who killed her.

Contact: Call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606.

Erika Cirioni

Date: Dec. 31, 2006

Cirioni was last seen alive on New Year’s Eve in 2006. She was 26 years old at the time.

Her remains were found by children playing six years later in an isolated area of Montville. Police said that her remains were partially buried.

Contact: Call Norwalk police at (203) 854-3111 or call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606.

Timothy Coleman

Date. Sept. 2, 2009

Coleman was shot to death on Sept. 2, 2009, at 102 Edgewood St. in Hartford.

Police said they have “sufficient information” to make an arrest but believe the reward may help lead to one.

Contact: Anonymous tips can be given by calling (860) 722-8477 or going to

Janette Couture

Date: Oct. 13, 1973

Couture was found dead on Oct. 13, 1973, in her East Hartford apartment. She had been stabbed to death.

Contact: Call the East Hartford confidential tip line at (860) 289-9134.

Floyd W. Ellis, Jr.

Date: Sept. 24, 2004

Ellis’ body was found on Sept. 24, 2004, in Webatuck Creek in Sharon. He had been reported missing a few days earlier.

More than 100 people have been interviewed in connection to the case.

Contact: Call Connecticut State Police at (860) 824-2500.

Dominic Marino

Date: Nov. 18, 2018

A family member found Marino’s body on Nov. 18, 2018, inside his home at 48 Suffolk Dr. in East Hartford. Marino, who was a disabled veteran, had been shot multiple times.

His wrists and ankles were bound with tape, and detectives said that the killer, or killers, forced their way into a home. There was evidence of a struggle at the scene.

Contact: Detective Frank Napolitano at (860) 291-7640 or

Julieanne Miller

Date: Sept. 29, 1982

Miller’s father reported her missing to Old Saybrook police on Sept. 29, 1982. She was last seen at her home with her boyfriend.

Her body has never been found.

Contact: Call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606.

Kristjan Ndoj

Date: March 15, 2014

The 15-year-old was shot in a friend’s driveway on March 14, 2014, in Shelton, according to police.

His family has described him as a good teen who never got into trouble. Because the homes are so close together in the area, they believe that it is “virtually impossible” for someone not to know something about who killed him.

Contact Connecticut State Police at (860) 685-8190 or (800) 842-0200.

Sara Palenza

Date: Feb. 23, 2006

Palenza was 19 years old when she was shot to death on Albany Avenue in Hartford. She was a passenger in a vehicle that was fired at while driving.

Contact: Call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606 or Hartford police at (860) 527-7300.

Champaben and Anita Patel

Date: March 21, 1996

Champaben Patel and her daughter, Anita Patel, were found dead on March 21, 1996, in their Windsor home. Champaben was strangled, and Anita was stabbed. Both bodies were burned.

Police think Champaben was killed in the bedroom and that Anita and her children came home as she was being killed. Anita told her two young children to leave the house. They were found by a neighbor, who called the police.

Anita’s body was found in the kitchen, and she had been doused in gasoline and set on fire. Although she was stabbed 14 times, authorities said she died of smoke inhalation.

Contact: Call the Connecticut Cold Case Hotline at (860) 548-0606.

Maria Laura Capon Bravo Rojas

Date: Sept. 15, 2004

Rojas’ body was found on Sept. 15 inside David’s Flooring on Danbury Road in New Milford. She ran the business with her husband.

Her cause of death was multiple blows to her head and shoulder. Police have not found the murder weapon.

Contact: Call New Milford police at (860) 355-2000.

Ricardo Rivera

Date: Oct. 21, 2015

Rivera was shot and killed at 10:16 p.m. on Oct. 21, 2015, at 7 Cherry St. in Hartford. A caller said they heard three gunshots, saw a man on the ground and witnessed a silver Acura leaving with three males in it.

Rivera, who was 19, had been shot in the head. He died at a hospital the next day.

A second man was taken to a hospital after being shot and survived.

No witnesses have come forward.

Contact: Anonymous tips can be given by calling (860) 722-8477 or going to

Jericho Scott

Date: April 19, 2015

According to authorities, Scott was 16 years old when he was killed in a drive-by shooting on April 19, 2015, on Exchange Street in New Haven. Two other people who were in a parked vehicle with him were injured.

Scott was likely not the shooter’s intended target, according to authorities. He was known as a baseball prodigy and had been banned from pitching in Liga Juvenil de Baseball de New Haven because his parents thought his 40 mph fastball was too dangerous to children.

Police think the shooter was in a small or mid-size silver or gray four-door sedan. The shootings may be in retaliation for a robbery that happened days before.

Contact: New Haven police at (203) 946-6304 or an anonymous tip line at (203) 946-6296. Tips can be texted to 274637 or emailed to

William “Billy” Smolinski, Jr.

Date: Aug. 24, 2004

Smolinski was last seen on Aug. 24, 2004, in Waterbury. He asked his neighbor to watch his dog for a few days while he went to look at a car. He left his truck, wallet, and keys.

His family maintains a website to try and find him. A poem written by his mother reads in part, “People have vanished/violently torn away/their bodies are hidden/o Lord, find them today.”

Contact: Call the cold case tip line at (860) 548-0606.

Leah Ulbrich

Date: Oct. 29, 1995

Police received 911 calls at 4:50 a.m. on Oct. 29, 2005, about a woman being dragged by a vehicle from Locus Street west on Elliott Street toward Wethersfield Avenue in Hartford. The car was described as a 1995 Nissan Maxima. One caller was never identified.

Right before the calls, a Hartford officer saw a small, dark car drive south on Wethersfield Avenue with no lights on and dragging something unidentifiable. The officer went after the car but was unable to catch it.

Ulbrich’s body was later found on Jordan Lane. She was declared dead at the scene. Her cause of death is listed as extensive blunt trauma.

Contact: Call the cold case tip line at (860) 548-0606.

Nancy Valentin

Date: Sept. 7, 1990

Valentin was found shot in the parking lot of Rose’s Family Restaurant, located at 595 South Main St. in Stratford. The 31-year-old worked there as a waitress.

She later died at a hospital.

Contact: Call Stratford police at (203) 385-4100 or the cold case tip line at (860) 548-0606.

Thera Wilson

Date: Jan. 1997

Wilson’s body was found on Jan. 14, 1977, in the Statler Hilton Hotel’s garage, located at 10 Ford St. in Hartford. She was stabbed to death.

Multiple leads have not led to an arrest. The reward was set when the case was reopened in November 2006.

She also went by the names Theresa Wilson and Mona Williams.

Contact: Call the state’s cold case tip line at (860) 548-0606.

Agnieszka (Agnes) Ziemlewski

Date: Sept. 24, 1998

Ziemlewski was found on Sept. 24, 1998, shot to death on a walking trail in the Metropolitan District Commission Reservoir property near Old Mountain Road in Farmington. She was 26 years old.

Police have investigated hundreds of people in connection to the case.

Contact: Call Farmington police at (860) 675-2462 or the state’s cold case tip line at (860) 548-0606.