NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH) — Searches about wildfire smoke settling over the New England area have topped Google’s U.S. inquiries, according to data Wednesday from Google Trends.

“Air purifier” was the sixth most-Googled term nationwide, coming in at more than 20,000 searches.

When looking at 24 hours worth of data, searches related to the wildfires and air quality took up nine of the top 11 spots.

“Wildfire” was the top search, followed by “atmosphere of Earth air quality index,” “New York air quality index,” “New York Canada” and “Canada wildfire.”

People who searched for “wildfire smoke” also Googled “yankee stadium wildfire smoke,” “dangers of wildfire smoke,” “worst air quality in the world,” “does air conditioning help with wildfire smoke” and “is the smoke from canada toxic.”

The sight — and smell — of wildfire smoke has blown from more than a hundred wildfires raging in Canada. In addition to giving the air a sepia hue, it has also bumped air quality levels in the state up to unhealthy levels, according to the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection.

Multiple cities throughout the state have issued advisories urging people to remain indoors and avoid outdoor activity. Those who have cardiopulmonary disease or are elderly are especially at risk.