GROTON, Conn. (WTNH) — Customers will begin paying a five-cent deposit on more beverages at the start of the new year.

People have paid the deposit on soda and beer bottles and cans for four decades. That will expand to containers for hard cider, plant water or plant-infused drinks, juice drinks, teas, coffee, and kombucha, along with sports and energy drinks.

The hope is that people will turn in their bottles to get that deposit back.

“We have a waste crisis on our hands in the state of Connecticut,” said Sen. Christine Cohen (D-Guilford).

Lawmakers voted during a special session this week to let retailers sell old stock, even if it isn’t labeled with the new deposit, by Jan. 1.

“We know that there’s been some supply chain issues as of late, and we want to make sure retailers aren’t taking product off the shelf,” Cohen said.

The bill will change again on Jan. 1, 2024, when the deposit will go up to 10 cents.

Cohen said it mimics what has happened in other states

“It helps consumer behavior in ensuring that they do bring those bottles and cans back,” she said.

A map of redemption centers can be found online.